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From: The Desk of... Lloyd Priddle
Date: Wednesday, 3:32 PM


Dear Friend,


Think for a moment... how would your life change if you owned a business that provided financial security and quality of life for you and your family!


A business where its customers keep coming back because they experience it is as a special place of business, created by special people and doing what it does in a very special way.          


A business where its employees are passionate about their work and the success of the business as well as having suppliers and financiers exceeding the expectations held of them.        


A business that is consistently building its sales, increasing its profits and maximizing its real value so that when the time comes to sell, a buyer would pay “top dollar” to own it


And all because...


It’s a business where the owner works more “ON” the business thanIN” the business as well as being fully committed to the powerful principle of C.A.N.I (Constant and Never Ending Improvement) in all aspects of the business.


Well you can, because now you have access to a “Mastering Business Program”— a do-it-yourself... “whole of business”... management program designed to guide you in building a “Sustainably Prosperous Business”.


It does this by bringing you the world’s best business management knowledge and skills, in easy to absorb and apply “learning lessons”, each covering a specific area of business activity”.


Activities that...

  • relate directly to your work of managing a business

  • are the support base to the “technical work” the business performs

  • are the “foundation stones” upon which to build a sustainably prosperous business

  • focus your attention on the achievement of these three important objectives

  1. Understanding Your Business As it is Now.

  2. Setting Economic Growth Targets for the Business and

  3. Having the Business Achieve What You Want by Strengthening Your Existing Business Knowledge and Skills in these 7 key ‘areas of business activity’

·        Analyse Your Business       

·        Design Your Business

·        Systematise Your Business

·        Build Your Business Skills

·        Manage Your People

·        Manage Your Marketing

·        Manage Your Money

Its’ a program that has application regardless of whether…

  • You already own a business or

  • You’re contemplating buying a business or

  • You’re considering starting a new business.

...neither does it differentiate the size, the type and or the location of the business.


It’s a program that distinguishes between the two work components of a business.


Every business regardless of size and type has two specific working components... components that work cooperatively side by side and at times cross over one another, blurring into each other so much that it’s sometimes difficult to tell them apart.


This is the case in most small to medium size businesses where the staff can and do undertake work in both components.


The Technical Work + The Non Technical Work = The Work of the Business


The Technical Work of the Business is the work it performs in manufacturing and or producing and or providing the goods and or services, the commodities that consumers need and or want. Think of a motor vehicle repair shop, its technical work is that of repairing motorised vehicles.

Without doubt this “technical work” is the most important work component because it’s the very reason the business exists, without the technical work there wouldn’t be a business.

The Non Technical Work of the Business is the work it performs that supports the ‘technical work’. You often hear this non technical work referred to as “the office work” or “the paper work” or “the administration” or “the record keeping” or “keeping the books” among others.

In reality it goes much deeper than just “the office work” or “the paper work”. It’s the work of “managing the business that does the technical work”. Managing the money, managing the marketing, managing with people (staff) and managing relationships the business has with its customers, suppliers, financiers and the various statutory bodies.

It’s a program based on The ‘Holy Grail’ of Business...

Most people, when they go into business, see themselves as the business and consequently believe that the business will not work without them being deeply involved in its “technical work” and unfortunately they’re doing the wrong work.

There are usually two reasons why they involve themselves in this “technical work.” Firstly they love doing it because most probably it was their technical skills that took them into the business and secondly they believe it’s what they should be doing.

Because of their involvement in the “technical work” they leave little time to ‘keeping tabs’ on the “non technical” work. The work of managing the business. Significant work in its own right that also needs their attention.

Working more “ON” your Business than “IN” your Business is the most significant defining principle you need to deploy in the running of the business. It is “The Holy Grail of Business”. An activity that you must build deeply in your “psyche”, because it is the lead principle for the application of all other business principles. It empowers you in the control of the business.

Your business is not your life. Your business and your life are two totally separate things. When you can come too understanding that the purpose of your life is not to serve your business but rather the purpose of your business is to serve your life then you can go to work “ON” your business rather than “IN” your business to get it to work for you. The improvements will amaze you.

More business failures are attributed to weaknesses in the “non technical” work of the business, than to weaknesses in the “technical” work and it would be a serious error of judgment to underestimate the importance of the ‘Non Technical’ work of your business.

Our Recommendation... Make the change now. Learn to work more “ON” your Business than “IN” your business then neither your business nor your life will ever be the same again, so much so, you will wonder why you hadn’t moved on it sooner

This principle is the underlying driver in the “Mastering Business Program”.

It’s a program about taking care of tomorrow today...

Today is so much about the here and now that it’s easy to lose sight of the important things in building a stronger tomorrow.

Everything we work so hard at today won’t contribute a thing to the past. We are all working for the future. Tomorrow, next week, next year, or retirement. The ‘payday’ for today’s labour is somewhere in the near or distant future, or both. Everyone deserves to reap the benefits of their labours.

We’re excited by the changing world in which we live because the future is “rich with possibilities”, possibilities that we haven’t even dreamt of yet.

Someone once said the real threat to our future is stagnation, we don’t grow old we become old by not growing. .

Continued personal and professional growth is essential to a tomorrow that will be better than today. The managerial ‘moment of truth’ comes when you realise that, as the owner you are the ‘impetus of change’ in and for your business.

The long-term future prosperity of any community depends on the people in the community prospering. As a business owner you need to understand that you can’t expect to be sustainably prosperous, if the community on which you depend is not prospering.

For a community to prosper, its’ people need to empower themselves to achieve their real needs, a process that requires of them the making of intelligent decisions that won’t compromise their future.

So it is with business owners, we empower ourselves by acquiring a sound understanding of Business Management. This brings with it new levels of self belief and confidence and new ways of thinking that in turn open the doors to a future “rich with possibilities

It is for these reasons that “The Mastering Business Program” came into existence.

To be Completed



viors into new ones. Our office staff just voted you the #1 person they wanted to come speak to us in-person next year. Again, Thank you for your educational, informative, life changing materials."

William J. Graham, Columbus Ohio

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And I must say I have a pretty good life now thanks to the wisdom I learned from you about not working so hard to achieve your goals but to use your mind first."

Peggy Ross, New York

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We have a Lee Milteer Fan club here and we wanted to thank you for all your wisdom that makes our lives so much easier."

Paul S. Gorkin
Gorkin Reality, GA.


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Wishing You Massive Success,

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Self Improvement Specialist.

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